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Bryan Bowman – Like Minds
Bryan’s debut cd is now available! You can buy it on and iTunes. The group features Matt Clark on piano, Bob Kenmotsu on saxophone, Ian Carey on trumpet, Doug Miller on bass and Bryan Bowman on drums and all compositions.

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Hawkeye, formed by Sam Bevan and Bryan Bowman plays original jazz compositions. The quartet is Sam Bevan on bass, Grant Levin on piano, Masaru Koga on sax and woodwinds and Bryan Bowman on drums.

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This is a trio featuring Grant Levin on piano, Fred Randolph on bass and Bryan Bowman on drums. This group plays mostly original material and unique interpretations of jazz standards.

Homespun CD Cover
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Collective Amnesia – 2003
This is a very special recording featuring original music by Bryan Bowman, Leonard Thompson and Lorenzo Farrell. Leonard Thompson – piano, Alex Budman – Saxes, Don Beck – Trumpet, Lorenzo Farrell – Bass, Bryan Bowman – Drums

Mandala – The Music Of Keith Jarrett

This group  performs original compositions by the great pianist Keith Jarrett. The group features Matt Clark on piano, Sheldon Brown on saxophones, Michael Wilcox on bass and Bryan Bowman on drums and percussion.

Sheldon Brown, Michael Wilcox, Bryan Bowman Trio

This dynamic trio led by Michael Wilcox plays original music as well as arrangements of classical compositions by Brahams, Bartok and others. Most recently we performed to a full house at Chez Hanny in San Francisco.

Michael Wilcox Trio

Sam Bevan Group

I recorded with Sam on his debut jazz cd, The Fine Line. This date included Mike Abraham on guitar, Ara Anderson on trumpet, Mike Rinta on trombone, Sam on bass and myself on drums.

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Trio Mopmu

“With all the pizzazz, agility and vitality of a Bulgarian wedding band, yet complementing it with careful sensitivity and finesse, Trio Mopmu always brings conviction and superb artistry to the table. This twelve-track gem, “Torta Bulgarska,” weaves and waltzes through jazz and folk idioms, always holding onto its own identity and yet with the open-minded freedom to change that definition at will. There is a solid presence of musicianship and artistic command whether it be a slow, haunting number or one that strictly calls out for a dance floor. Brilliance abounds.” – CDBaby

Trio Mopmu is Ryan Francesconi on tambura, Bill Lanphir on electric bass and Bryan Bowman on drums.

Trio Mopmu also features the exquisite voice of Lily Storm, an American singer specializing in traditional world music who combines centuries-old vocal technique with an atmospheric, modern aesthetic.

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Loose Wig
Loose Wig is:
Fen Fajan – sax
Sam Bevan – bass
Michael Abraham – guitar
Bryan Bowman – drums
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