Bryan Bowman is a drummer and composer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Born in Los Angeles, he was surrounded by music from an early age. His Father Robert Bowman is a classical pianist and a Professor Emeritus of the music department at Chico State University. His mother Andrea, a psychologist by trade, plays the cello and is an avid folk dancer specializing in numerous Balkan styles.

These diverse influences guided his musical journey toward the study of not only the drumset and piano, but of North Indian Tabla drumming and vocal music as well. He finds a consistent source of inspiration in the folk music of Bulgaria and Macedonia.

He has performed with Eric Reed, Mary Stallings, Matt Penman, Paul McCandless, Donald “Duck” Bailey, Deron Johnson (keyboardist with Miles Davis), Ratso Harris, Matt Clark, Art Hirahara, Mark Levine, Larry Vuckovich, Noel Jewkes, Sam Bevan, Gilad Altsman, Peter Horvath, Keith Saunders, Peter Barshay, Greg Daugelli, John Wiitala, Gary Brown, Jeff Chambers, Bob Kenmotsu, Sheldon Brown, Jeff Massanari, Randy Vincent, Grant Levin, Ben Stolorow, Leonard Thompson, Eric Vogler, Ollie Dudek, Tom Griesser, Scott Foster, Joshi Marshall, Lorenzo Farrell, Fred Randolph, Jessie Marquez, Ravi Abcarian, Michael Wilcox, Don Beck, Adam Shulman, John Wiitala, Hafez Modirzadeh, Goh Nokumura, Dean Reilly, John-Carlos Parea, Masaru Koga, Harvey Winapel, Tom Pattitucci, Steve Heckman, Ivan Milev, Nikolay Kolev, Ryan Francesconi, Bruno Pelletier, Michael Wilcox, Mike Abraham, Noah Schenker, Dave Creamer, John Shifflet.

He toured the United States with RCA recording artists Monica Behan and Deron Johnson opening up for artists such as Fiona Apple and Shawn Colvin.

He has also recorded and performed in the international music scene which such artists as the acclaimed Bulgarian accordionist Ivan Milev and Trio Mopmu with Lily Storm.

Bryan studied music at The Berklee College of Music in Boston, CSU Long Beach, CSU Chico and the Ali Akbar College of Music. He is currently a free lance performer and composer in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an active accompanist for the California Jazz Conservatory both for Institute and community classes and performs there regularly with members of the CJC staff.

Bryan’s debut CD, Like Minds is available on cdBaby and iTunes. It features Bob Kenmotsu on saxophone, Ian Carey on trumpet, Matt Clark on piano, Doug Miller on bass and Bryan Bowman on drums and all compositions.

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Jazz Drummer and Composer